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[Screenshot] Mega Man Endless
Full-scale Endless Attack action equal in length to most Classic Mega Man titles, Mega Man Endless is an epic 16-bit Classic experience delivering 48 unique micro levels created by 22 different designers, 12+ boss battles, 4 different game modes, online leaderboards and more!
[Screenshot] SuperDanny Powered Up
Take control of the craziest Mega Man fan alive as you take on Dr. Wily and Robot Masters from MegaMan 1 & 2 in this epic Classic Mega Man game. Defeat them to gain Cross Fusion, the ability to fuse with and inherit their weapon, appearance and attributes.
[Screenshot] SuperDanny 2
SuperDanny returns to engage in battle once again with Dr. Wily, who now has the ultimate power of the Dark Chip in his possession. Learn how best to utilize the 8 Cross Fusions as you contend with 85 enemies, 30 bosses and 20 levels packed into this epic Classic game.
[Screenshot] Green Biker Dude
Now it's your chance to pop that wheelie for everlasting peace! Join the famous Green Biker Dude in his intense pre-X2 training efforts and hone your fighting and racing skills with a Ride Chaser in two different game modes, or compete with a friend locally.
[Screenshot] Star Man -Upgraded-
Humiliated by his pathetic defeat in Mega Man 5, Star Man seeks to prove himself worthy of having been in Mega Man V for Gameboy. To do this, he must defeat four of the Stardroids using only his star shield to attack. This makes for some very original Mega Man gameplay.
[Screenshot] Fireworks
Launch fireworks at flying enemies to celebrate any festive occasion! Form combos and build score so you can submit your highest combo and score online to compete with other players. Change styles to play as characters from Mega Man's Classic, X and Legends series.
[Screenshot] Launch the Drache!
Exercise great control as you fly your small Drache airship through 10 unique levels in this side-scrolling shooter. Collect powerups and destroy everything in your path to become master of the online leaderboards.
[Screenshot] MML3 Servbot Roundup
Take control of Barrett and explore an expansive, semi-accurate recreation of Teomo City and collect Servbots as seen in video footage from the MML3 Prototype Version! Find the fastest route to victory and submit your best times to the online leaderboards.
[Screenshot] Bon Ball
Propel Bon Bonne's head carefully through five levels with bomb-filled passages and collect all the zenny as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Despite being a minigame it features a decent degree of depth in obtaining a score that you can submit online to compete with other players.
[Screenshot] Tuttle's Legendary Travels
A full-scale 3D Mega Man Legends adventure I'm developing with fAB of the Sky Pirate Arcade.
Hit the link to enter its sub-site where you can learn all about it, download the demo and even participate in the development!
[Screenshot] Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure
This was to be an epic top-down puzzle-oriented adventure set in the world of Mega Man Legends. It was cancelled and reenvisioned in 2011, but the final demo is still a fun and fairly substantial release in itself.
[Screenshot] Star Man
Star Man differs from -Upgraded- mostly in the visuals, with graphics and screen size to match the Gameboy as opposed to the NES. It also lacks polish in several areas, e.g. more shallow boss battles. Still, it might be worth checking out for the authentic Gameboy experience.
The Old and Terrible
My very first game creations with a level of quality to prove it. Approach with caution!
[Screenshot] SuperDanny
This was my first real attempt at creating an all-out Classic Mega Man game, started with just under 7 months of GM experience behind me. A terrible engine is just the tip of the iceberg on how this fails compared to its Powered Up counterpart.
[Screenshot] SuperDanny's Adventure
Join SuperDanny on a wacky mini-adventure where you must go by foot, bike, Dr. Wily's space pod and Cross Fusion to conquer a variety of SuperDanny's little-known adversaries.
[Screenshot] Yust Man 2
Yust Man returns in this massive and insanely difficult sequel to Yust Man Adventures. Though more epic and polished than Yust Man's previous adventure, this game is equally plagued by an overabundance of elements that make for a truly wretched fan game.
[Screenshot] Yust Man Adventures
Enter my very first game to experience a plethora of each and every element that makes a fan game suck. Or better yet, don't enter it. This is mostly here for a sense of history and completeness of my collection.
Commentary on games that once could have been but never will.
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