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V1.0 - 2011.12.01 - GM 7.0
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Launch fireworks at flying enemies to celebrate any festive occasion! Use careful aim to form combos and rack up score as you go for the next level before the time runs out. When the game is over you can submit your best combo and highest score online to compete with other players.
This game also features different styles, which allow you to play as characters from the Classic, X and Legends series (see screenshots), and you can also choose between several music tracks.

In my early days of Game Maker I whipped up a humorous fireworks-launching game as a way to celebrate a holiday that was lacking any form of celebration at the time. It had no score to build and no real purpose, other than some laughs and a way to shoot off fireworks on your computer.
Afterwards I thought a fleshed out version could be fun, and had planned to make it some years back, but with other priorities I never got around to it... Until of course, I needed a break from another project and got a surge of inspiration to take this one off the scrapped list. Both planned and developed in a matter of days, this satisfied my "under a week" concept even better than Bon Ball and let me enjoy the creation of a single-screen score-racking game, and I think it turned out pretty fun all things considered. And if you don't feel like playing for high scores, just enjoy the fireworks!
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