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Scrapped Games

My commentary on games that were once planned (or briefly considered) but just never made it.
Note that this list only covers fan game ideas, and it isn't exhaustive; it just covers the more notable titles.

Biggest Regrets
  • Gravity Man
    [Gravity Man] A ready-to-start project up until I retired, this would have been a Star Man sequel with Gravity Man feeling failsome and holding a grudge against Crystal, Stone, Napalm and Charge Man for getting into MMIV without him. What really inspired this game was the gameplay potential; with Gravity Man being able to reverse gravity at will, this could have been all manner of awesome.

  • Proto Man
    An ill-fated project conceived in the early years of Game Maker, this would have been a full blown Classic Mega Man game starring Proto Man. Originally planned for MM7 style, then Wily Wars, then NES, then officially scrapped. It would have been my crowning achievement, featuring original Robot Masters, music, weapons, graphics, the whole works. Sadly it was always just too ambitious for my schedule--and especially fAB's, who would have been responsible for all of the graphic work.

  • Battle & Chase
    [Battle & Chase] Not sure about the title, but this would have been a side-scrolling racing game in the vein of Rockman Battle & Chase. I had big plans for this one near the end, but I was always too busy with other projects to ever begin serious development on it. I think it was near the beginning of my final GM year I scrapped this one in favor of Green Biker Dude, which features a scaled-down version of the intended gameplay.

  • Star Man 2
    A sequel to Star Man never really went too far into consideration, but was an important consideration none the less. The Star Man games have (unfortunately) remained my most iconic and downloaded titles throughout the years, and there was also some interest from others in seeing a sequel happen.
    If not a sequel, a remastered version of -Upgraded- was also considered, which would have been done in my modern engine, and possibly have other big changes and new content as well. Cool as either would have been, it just seemed like too much work for the silly concept it was; I think -Upgraded- worked well enough for Star Man's last hurrah.

Brief but Neat
  • Skull Man
    Playing as Robot Masters is fun, I think. Problem is, most don't have any sort of backstory and/or outstanding gameplay potential to really justify making a game starring one. Still, I couldn't help think about a Skull Man game. He's certainly not my favorite Robot Master, but with his abilities in shooting, shielding, and mobility, I felt there was a lot of potential for Classic-feeling fun and fast-paced gameplay. Never gave it much thought though before it joined the ranks of Crystal Man and all the others who once dreamed of getting their own title.

  • SuperDanny 3
    [SuperDanny 3] Like Star Man 2, SuperDanny 3 was something worth a moment's consideration... but not really. There've been a few people interested in this one, but really, I could never hope to outdo SD2 in terms of sheer epicness or SD Powered Up in terms of fun. Nor did I want to try. Had it been, most would assume the bosses would have come from MM7-10, which they could have, but I always did regret passing up certain Fusions; Ring, Gravity, Tomahawk, Blizzard, Star, Magnet, there was still a lot of potential from the earlier games for fun stuff.

  • SuperDanny Legends
    Briefly envisioned when fAB stumbled upon Blender's ability to make 3D games. Could have been cool to be sure, but never really a serious consideration. Entirely unrelated, but fAB actually made a pretty good video equivalent of what it could have been like.

Earlier Times
  • Holiday Games
    [Holiday Games] Early on in this site's life I had the idea of making small Mega Man-themed mini-games to celebrate various holidays, as a way of doing something fun on Blyka's Door. The idea actually started with a silly Fireworks-esque game I made all the way back in 2005. The whole thing was eventually scrapped when I never came up with very solid ideas for other holidays, and didn't have the time to try and execute them anyway.

  • The Robot Masters
    [The Robot Masters] Playing as Robot Masters is fun. I know I said that already, but it is. That's why envisioned a game with the classic stage select setup, only when you select the RM, you play as him through his own special level. Kinda forgotten about as time went on, with one glaring problem being that there wasn't any viable story to go along with it. Eventually I got my play-as-RM fix with the SuperDanny games, and interestingly enough, the general concept of this was later carried out by others with the MMDL series.

  • Mega Man Pinnacle
    The original game I dreamt of that got me started on Game Maker: a recycling of all the best Robot Masters and content from the first 6 Mega Man games. Always my distant goal in the early days, but despite dreaming of it, I never did get a very good grip on just how exactly it would have worked... and then I made SuperDanny 2, which effectively ended the need for this.

  • Yust Man X
    Hah, hahaha. I remember this one. Back in the infancy of my Game Maker days, when Yust Man was my practice character, I remember thinking it could be a fun way to experiment with an X game. Had some custom X boss ideas that could have been used for it, but needless to say... the idea didn't last long.

  • Yust Man 3
    Not sure what I was thinking, but Yust Man almost got a third game once upon a time. Would have gone all out with proper Classic style, Dr. Cossack supplying an item shop and all sorts of neat things. It got scrapped about the same night I thought of it for lack of an answer to the simple question "Why Yust?"

More than Mega Man
  • Uncle Jet
    Some may know Uncle Jet from the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons, or some may know him from his cameo appearance in SuperDanny 2, but most probably don't know him at all. He's just a dorky side-character who makes brief appearances in one episode of the show. So why give him his own game? Because he's a fountain of hilarity, which might have been made clearer through this. It would have been NES, but not Mega Man style--G.I. Joe would have worked better for this particular game. Not much to elaborate on gameplay wise; platforming shoot-n-beat-em-up. I debated on mentioning this one here since no one will get it, but it was one of the final ones that almost made it into production before I retired. Would have been fun. Really.

  • Legend of Zelda: Koholint Dungeon
    [Koholint Dungeon] This game was fAB's idea. It was one of the earlier concepts for a project (bottom-left in this thing I posted back in 2006). As we're both huge Link's Awakening fans we thought it would be neat to do a sequel for it, done up in the side-scrolling fashion that you see in some of that game's underground areas. Unlike most on this page this one actually had an engine in progress and some graphics made, but it never really got off the ground--a major factor being my experience at the time wasn't up to the needs of the engine.

  • Zelda 22
    [Zelda 22] A remake of Zelda II. Yeah. Thought up this one nearing my retirement, so it was never a serious consideration... but I really did want to make it. Over the years I've come to appreciate Zelda II, but it remains a pretty rough and unforgiving experience. This would have featured improved gameplay, graphics, music, level design, the works, realizing the full potential of the original adventure.

  • Super Mario RPG: Journey to Star Road
    Tentatively titled, this idea came to me pretty late in my Game Maker years and never made it past the wishful dreaming stage. I got SMRPG back when I was 6 years old, and being my first RPG adventure at that tender age, it made quite a special impression. I always thought it would be neat to see its cast and world in a future Mario title... but it never happened. This would have been a side-scrolling platformer like all the old Mario games, but with RPG elements worked in. Brainstormed ideas include a party to switch out who you play as at any point, items to collect and equip, coins that were good for more than just a 1up, experience points instead of score for defeating enemies, and so on. I definitely think combining the action of SMB3 with RPG elements had some serious potential.

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