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SuperDanny Powered Up
File Size: 13.3 MB
Downloaded: 14904
Difficulty: Standard

Latest Release
V2.0 - 2014.12.08 - GM 7.0
Previous Release(s)
V1.1 - 2012.05.05 - GM 7.0
V1.0 - 2011.09.01 - GM 7.0
Take control of the craziest Mega Man fan alive as you take on Dr. Wily and Robot Masters from MegaMan 1 & 2 in this epic Classic series game. Get equipped with power-enhancing items, classic-character costumes, and Cross Fusions--the ability to change into the Robot Master himself and inherit both his weapon and attributes--as you overcome up to 20 levels in various difficulty modes and conquer the 18 Challenges.

SuperDanny Powered Up is a loving fan tribute to Classic Mega Man that delivers content from the original NES games remixed in cool and unique ways, backed by a rock-solid engine widely praised for its precise accuracy with Capcom's. Packed with action, content, authenticity, replay value and just plain fun, it's an impressive title in the roster of Mega Man fan games out there that no fan of the Classic series should miss out on!
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Release Notes
  • NOTE: If you're updating from an older version and wish to keep your cleared Challenges and earned Game Modes, you can do so by copying the files 'data01' and 'data03' from your original game folder into the new version folder.

  • Version 2.0
    Made a ton load of changes and improvements all over the game, the primary focus being stronger game design (e.g. it's now buster-only perfect-runnable). Also piles of bug fixes, visual changes/fixes, level improvements, and a whole lot more. You can view the full list here (spoilers!).

  • Version 1.1
    Fixed 5 bugs, added additional bonus content for completing all challenges, slightly tweaked weapon damage on two bosses, and made 8 very small adjustments across 5 levels to improve playability and lessen potential frustration.

  • Version 1.0
    I think of all my games the original SuperDanny was the one I had the most fun in making, but it's really a terrible game due to my lack of experience at the time. So rather than leave it to forever fail I felt it deserved to be upgraded with my modern engine and loads of new and improved content.
    Originally the Powered Up concept was to include major changes in the way of 16-bit graphics, an item shop and other extremities, but in the interest of finishing the project I scrapped these ideas before development began. As for what is Powered Up:
    • SuperDanny 2's engine (and all the polish that comes with it)
    • Many new enemies, bosses (including Cut Man and Bubble Man) and levels
    • Revamped and greatly improved original levels
    • 8 collectable items, including several costumes
    • A set of 18 Challenges to complete, including different game modes
    • Audio and visual enhancements with 100% MIDI-free music and vastly improved graphics
    • Exciting, hidden bonus content--and much more!
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