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SuperDanny 2
File Size: 17.0 MB
Downloaded: 13412
Difficulty: Standard

Latest Release
V2.0 - 2012.12.19 - GM 7.0
Previous Release(s)
V1.2 - 2011.09.01 - GM 7.0
V1.1 - 2011.04.01 - GM 7.0
V1.0 - 2010.12.19 - GM 7.0
The craziest Mega Man fan alive returns to engage in battle once again with Dr. Wily, who now has the ultimate power of the Dark Chip in his possession. Learn how best to utilize the 8 Cross Fusions as you contend with 85 types of enemies, 30 bosses and 20 levels packed into this epic Classic game.

Each Cross Fusion is equipped with two weapons: a normal weapon that doesn't consume energy, and a special weapon that does. In addition to their varied weapons some also have different attributes that can be used to your advantage in the surrounding terrain. With a normal shot that doesn't consume energy, you could play nearly the entire game as your favorite Robot Master!
There's also a Mega Man costume available from the start for those who desire a more Classic experience.

SuperDanny 2 is a loving fan tribute to Classic Mega Man that delivers content from the original NES games remixed in cool and unique ways, backed by a rock-solid engine widely praised for its precise accuracy with Capcom's. Packed with action, content, authenticity, replay value and just plain fun, it's an impressive title in the roster of Mega Man fan games out there that no fan of the Classic series should miss out on!
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Release Notes
  • Version 2.0 - Fixed 19 bugs and made 9 graphic improvements. More importantly, made a ton load of major improvements to the Fusions, levels, and pretty much every aspect of the game. You can view the full list of improvements here (spoilers!).

  • Version 1.2 - Fixed 11 bugs and made 8 graphic/audio improvements. Also made very few other tweaks to curb difficulty just slightly, one of which was altering Top Man's attack power to his Mega Man 3 amount and making his rebound attack a Hard Mode-only feature.
  • Version 1.1 - Fixed 7 bugs and made 5 graphic/audio adjustments, and updated the loading screen to be the finished box art.
  • Version 1.0 - Original release.
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