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SuperDanny's Adventure
File Size: 6.12 MB
Downloaded: 3337
Difficulty: Easy

Latest Release
V2.0 - 2009.01.01 - GM 7.0
Previous Release(s)
V1.0 - 2004.12.24 - GM 5.3
A wacky little adventure whipped up in a matter of days as a Christmas present for SuperDanny himself, SuperDanny's Adventure features numerous gameplay styles across eight levels filled with loads of inside jokes, mixed sprites, mixed musics and all manner of ridiculousness. And a cheesy engine to boot.
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Release Notes
  • Version 2.0 - In a mere few hours the game received tons of polish to bring it to a more playable state:
    -Animated graphics (SuperDanny can walk instead of slide around now! :P)
    -Completely removed all of GM's default graphics and sound effects (except for a few inside joke ones)
    -Added and altered many sound effects for much improved audio
    -All around smoother engine
    -General polish everywhere, e.g. screen resizing options.
    -And so on...

  • Version 1.0 - Original release.
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