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Star Man
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Difficulty: Hard

Latest Release
V1.0 - 2007.08.31 - GM 5.3
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Star Man was created to enter the one and only 'Creation Contest' of the now deceased Fangamez.net, in which the rules required that you make a 2D platformer game in the style of the original Gameboy. Of course, Mega Man games being my forte as well as 2D platformers, that was the way to go. At first I was toying with the idea of a game starring Skull Man or Ring Man (both good Classic action potential), but then fAB came up with the ingenious idea to use Star Man, who not only had very unique gameplay potential but also a good story to back it.
Other than being able to walk, Star Man functions exactly as he does in MM5; in order to attack you must create a shield while on the ground, and launch it at enemies while in the air. It's a bit difficult to get the hang of, but once mastered it's actually pretty effective for both attacking and defending. Of course, being made in a little over a month and just for a contest the game is rather short, but its challenge more than makes up for that I think.

And for those curious, Star Man was the contest winner! ...of a contest with no other contestants. -_- Being the only entry, I was awarded both first and second prize--$50 and a Fangamez.net t-shirt, respectively. I never received either of them, however. :P
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