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Yust Man Adventures
File Size: 1.35 MB
Downloaded: 3384
Difficulty: Hell Hard

Latest Release
V1.0 - 2004.09.26 - GM 5.3
Previous Release(s)
Meet Yust Man, Dust Man's brother with a silly face. Upset by his appearance he decides to embark on a grand adventure that takes him through 26 levels spread across 5 different worlds. Mash the space key for all you're worth to unleash the Yust Buster on a variety of brainless enemies and bosses as you rack up a worthless score and discover hidden bonus rooms and worlds.
Game Maker's default platform engine, inanimate sprites, inconsistent screen sizes, sprite mixing, music from a variety of different game series, inside jokes, and much more can all be found in my first game ever.
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