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Bon Ball
File Size: 8.39 MB
Downloaded: 1675
Difficulty: Easy

Latest Release
V2.0 - 2014.09.04 - GM 7.0
Previous Release(s)
V1.0 - 2011.06.10 - GM 7.0
Propel Bon Bonne's head carefully through five levels with bomb-filled passages and collect all the zenny as quickly as you can. There are several other ways to acquire score in addition to gathering zenny, such as a bonus given for each spare second you have when completing a level, which gives the game a decent amount of depth in skillfully obtaining a high score to compete with other players online.

This game was developed in just over a week (actual development time was less) as a way for me to break from other projects and fulfill my long-standing desire to pump out a fun but simple game in a very short measure of time.
Another goal was to make the game entirely on my own (particularly without assistance in custom graphics), so you may notice the graphics are pretty much recycled from whatever 2D elements I could pull from Legends games. Still, I think it fits the game's simple score-building theme pretty well.
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Release Notes
  • Version 2.0 - Completely overhauled the game by making the bombs simply damage you upon collision instead of sending you back to start; your Life gauge now behaves as energy instead of retries. Likewise, the timer is simply used as a bonus for completing the level quickly and no longer kills you upon running out. Other improvements include:
    -Wall collisions are now perfectly smooth
    -Bon can now roll backwards
    -Better performance
    -Various other tweaks; bombs now stand out better in Level 4 & 5, 960x720 window size support, etc.

  • Version 1.0 - Original release.
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