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Difficulty: Hard

Latest Release
V1.1 - 2007.01.30 - GM 5.3
Previous Release(s)
V1.0 - 2005.12.26 - GM 5.3
Note: This is mostly here for archival purposes, so unless you're just curious to check out the original I strongly suggest you instead play the remake, SuperDanny Powered Up.

What started as a silly sequel to SuperDanny's Adventure turned into my first all-out Classic Mega Man fangame. SuperDanny returns, this time equipped with a buster cannon to take down Dr. Wily and his 'Bots. Defeat a boss to gain Cross Fusion, where you change into the Robot Master himself and inherit his weapon and attributes along with appearance.

Being my first all-out Classic Mega Man game (and started with just under 7 months of GM experience behind me) the engine is highly inaccurate and sloppy, and the game's design as a whole is pretty bad, in addition to needing serious polish almost everywhere. I was proud of it at the time it was made, though--and justly so I think when taking into consideration my minimal experience and the average quality of Mega Man fangames back in those days.
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Release Notes
  • Version 1.1 - Some graphical improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • Version 1.0 - Original release.
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