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2012.12.19 - SuperDanny 2 v2!
SuperDanny 2 v2.0 has been released! This is a major upgrade to all aspects of the game and should be a huge improvement for all, being much more accessible to new players and much more enjoyable for veterans.
Head on over to the game's page to download it and check out its release notes, and if you're interested, read on for a bit of backstory to this upgrade.

As some may know this was upgrade was once listed on the Scrapped Games page, where I said the following:

A remastering of SuperDanny 2, this would have included some major changes to the game based on player feedback, and realizing my own design flaws. SD2 was a 4-year nightmare, and by the end all I wanted to do was release it before it went a day over 4 years. It was a very close call in making the deadline, so there really wasn't any time to consider revising the game between its completion and release... hence the desire to make this. The main things I wanted to revise were Cross Fusions, levels, and the addition of Cut and Bubble Man to the Doc Robot roster. Levels would have been tweaked to go a bit easier on those not looking for challenge- perhaps there could have been different layouts based on Normal or Hard mode- and some of the Fusions would have been tweaked to be more fun and/or useful. This idea only came up vaguely near the end of GM's days, so my lack of time and interest combined with the fact this game really wasn't a big hit with people squashed the idea.

So, if the idea was squashed and put on the page of games never to see the light of day, how did I end up doing it? By accident, actually. I had been planning for some time to put out v1.3 for bug fixes, and while I was at it I decided to give Skull Fusion's shield a slight upgrade. And then I changed a few more things on Skull Fusion, and since it was getting such an upgrade, why not the other lacking Fusions? And it just escalated from there until there were too many changes to consider it a mere v1.3, and I went all out with v2.0.

Of my brainstormed ideas mentioned on the Scrapped page, I did not make level layouts differ between Normal and Hard mode- I just did some tweaking to annoying and/or lacking areas to make them easier/more enjoyable, while Hard-ing a number of enemies that some might consider "cheap" or "too hard". Also, Cut and Bubble Man did not join the Doc Robot roster, mostly because I decided that it was just too much. The Skull Castle is arduous enough without extending the 4th level and adding two more challenging bosses.

I've always regretted that SuperDanny 2, the epic four-year project, was never as fun or fulfilling as SD Powered Up (which didn't even take a full year). Although I feel that SD Powered Up is still the better game, with v2.0 I finally feel as if SD2 is comparable to it instead of inferior in terms of fun and accessibility, and I can finally move on from wishing I had made these changes back when it first released. I hope you enjoy the upgrades!

Also, for those unaware, it's been two years to the day since I first released SuperDanny 2, and six years to the day since the project began. Happy anniversary!

2012.12.17 - MML3 Servbot Roundup
[Late night of the 17th]
No time to talk as I've got to run (might update this post tomorrow), but to celebrate Mega Man's 25th anniversary fAB and I put together a little minigame that you can find over at the Sky Pirate Arcade. Go check it out!

[Morning of the 18th]
Ahem. This was a spur of the moment project that started yesterday morning, and I only got to working on it yesterday afternoon. We were much later in getting it out than we wanted (making it even less polished than expected), so we'll be giving it an update when our schedule frees up a bit. Even still, it is fully playable from title screen to online time submission, so it really isn't bad for a single day's work. And I think it turned out quite fun myself, so I hope you enjoy it!

2012.12.12 - SD2 Developer's Commentary
December 12th, 2012. I've always been fond of commemorating dates that match up nicely like that, so I had been planning to release SuperDanny 2 v2.0 today. Yeah, this release was mentioned on my "Scrapped" Games page, and while it won't quite feature what I previously mentioned it does contain enough tweaks and improvements to warrant the "2.0", as opposed to a mere "1.3".

Due to the number of changes exceeding what I expected I couldn't get it satisfactorily test played by today, so I've pushed its release back to December 19th (which is SD2's anniversary anyway). I'll save details about this version until its release, but I will say that it should be a lot of fun for both new players and veterans alike.
Look forward to it!

In the meantime, I've gone ahead and started uploading my complete casual playthrough of SuperDanny 2 (v1.1), which features developer's commentary from me and fAB. This run was recorded way back in May of 2011, so it and some of the commentary are pretty out of date, but if you'd like to see the full game in action or are interested in developer's commentary this may be an interesting watch.

There are a few reasons why I didn't upload this back when it was recorded (video editing software hell being the primary offender), but with the release of v2.0 and the year's end around the corner I figured it was high time to just get it done. It's 13 parts, and I'm aiming to have it all uploaded by the 18th. Hope you enjoy!

2012.10.16 - Scrapped Games
Finally, the Scrapped Games page is finished! It's something I've had in mind for quite some time but never got around to doing until now. This is the page where I comment on and reminisce about my old Game Maker game concepts that were scrapped before ever being publicly announced.
Give it a look if you're curious to see what could have been available on Blyka's Door.

Also in this update I've done a fair amount of tweaking and fixing around the site; touching up some visuals, fixing some technical problems and giving TLT a more prominent presence around the site since it is technically a subsite. And it's where all my activity is these days. And it's just that cool.

I promised at the beginning of the year that Blyka's Door had more updates to come, but it really hasn't seen much action this year. "Why" can be summed up in three quick points:

1) All of my Mega Man time this year has gone into Tuttle's Legendary Travels.
2) Haven't yet had any time to work on a new creative section for Blyka's Door (unrelated to fan games).
3) Really, Blyka's Door is a pretty complete package as it is.

That's not to say that updates will cease entirely, but it's easy to see how they became so scarce. There are a couple of fun things I plan to do for the site in the coming months though, so do come again!

2012.05.05 - Big News!
At long last, the official website for Tuttle's Legendary Travels has launched!
Naturally I could say more, but if you're interested in the project then I'll let the website speak for itself.

In other exciting news, SuperDanny Powered Up V1.1 has been released!
In addition to some very important bug fixes this release includes added bonus content and a number of small but effective changes throughout the game to make it more enjoyable and lessen potential frustration. All in all a very important and worthwhile upgrade, so visit the page to download and read more!

The guides for SD Powered Up have been updated as well; the Boss Damage Chart to reflect a couple of V1.1 changes, and on the Challenges guide I elaborated on the tips a bit more as well as corrected some false information about the 18th challenge. Finally, I've also added a new guides page for SD Powered Up in the way of a "Did you know?" sort of page containing general tips about the game.

2012.04.02 - Current Status
I'm not usually one for doing April Fools' jokes, but when fAB came up with the effect seen in yesterday's video during his work on the Tuttle model just days prior, we both agreed it was fitting for the occasion.
I hope some got a laugh out of it, anyway.

As for a real status update, a TLT website IS coming- just not as soon as expected. Also, the game will NOT be developed in secret to start; when development begins it will be fully open to the public, as promised.

Which means, yes, development hasn't really kicked off yet. I had hoped it would considerably sooner, but alas, more important issues in life still demand full attention. Said issues are progressing however, slowly but surely, so here's hoping things will get better sooner rather than later.

As there's really not much else to say I'll go ahead and wrap this up with a new video:
SuperDanny 2 Development Bugs
A compilation of humorous bugs I recorded over the years of SD2's development- I hope fellow developers and players alike will get a kick out of it.
Enjoy, and stay tuned for future updates!

2012.04.01 - TLT- First Demo Released!
After a long gap with no activity, I'm pleased to announce that as usual, work has been going on behind the scenes and fAB and I have managed to get together a playable demo for Tuttle's Legendary Travels!


As stated previously this project will still be very open with its development, but we wanted something more substantial to generate excitement before going live with that concept. So, expect a TLT website launch soon, and in the meantime, enjoy the demo!

2012.01.01 - Dawn of a New Day
Happy New Year!

2011 certainly was an exciting year for Blyka's Door; not just in the way of all the new content, but it even passed up 2009 for most updates in a single year, with a total of 15 updates. Not bad for a fan game site run by one person!

2012 on the other hand will be considerably slower; in case you missed yesterday's update, the short version is I cancelled Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure and released a final demo for it, and I have retired from Game Maker.

But, just because Game Maker is gone doesn't mean the year won't still be exciting. I promised yesterday to reveal a big part of the site's future, so I'll get right to the point.

My next big project is non-other than a new game: Tuttle's Legendary Travels.

And the exciting part? It's going to be developed with Unity.
That's right; the future is going 3D! This is has been the plan for quite some time now, and I'm very excited to finally be able to make this move into a new platform.

As I've been extremely busy with Game Maker wrap-up lately, Tuttle's Legendary Travels hasn't gone too far yet, so it's really just at an announcement stage. If you're interested in details, there's an informative post about it at the MMLS forums.

News will be slow to come at first while other elements of my life are straightened up, but I can assure you that Blyka's Door is not dead and there will be more updates to come. In the meantime please enjoy the respectable collection of games and examples that the site has built up over the years!

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