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News Archives - 2013
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2013.12.02 - Site Overhaul
As stated last year Blyka's Door is really a pretty complete package as it is at present, so I decided to clean up and streamline the site to better reflect that.

Generally everything's been tweaked, changed, upgraded, reorganized and otherwise optimized for the better.
Details may not be necessary, but here they are for the record:

  • Optimized site styles, with Snake and Bubble being much easier on the eyes now
  • Optimized format of individual game pages
  • New "Home" page, featuring a better mission statement among other changes
  • Optimized and updated pretty much every page's content
  • New navigation
    • New "Create" page featuring new content; "Examples" and "Resources" pages moved here
    • Removed "TLT" from the navigation and added it to the "Games" page
    • Scrapped "Site" page
      • Moved "News Archives" to "Home" and applied them to every archive page
      • Moved "FAQ" to "Home"
      • Moved "Scrapped Games" to "Games"
      • Moved "Links" to "Create"
      • Scrapped "About"

2013.01.01 - MML3 Servbot Roundup
Version 1.0 of MML3 Servbot Roundup has been released! On Mega Man's 25th anniversary fAB and I managed to throw together this little mini-game in the span of a single day, but it wasn't exactly a quality production. While still small and thrown together in nature, this new version has given the game some major upgrades to the extent that I felt it worth adding a game page here on Blyka's Door. This makes it not only my first completed 3D game, but also the first 3D release for Blyka's Door, both of which I think are pretty exciting events. Hope you enjoy it!

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