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2017.05.27 - Thanks For Playing
Blyka's Door turned 11 years old today, so it seemed like a good occasion to wrap some things up.

For Mega Man Endless, I figured it was finally time for the no-damage buster-only Special Bosses video, and I updated the Boss Damage Chart accordingly. Spoilers may await at either link, so click at your own risk!

For the site I did some general updating and tightening up, including new items on the Troubleshooting page.
Also, my Game Maker examples are still available via the Create page's GM links, but I've marked them "obsolete" due to their age and my varying levels of inexperience when making them.

And finally, a word about the future of Blyka's Door; as the post title may imply, there isn't much of one at this point. One never knows when the need to update may arise, but I really am considering it done and finished now.
I have nothing more to add, and it's time to move on besides.

I am still working on Tuttle's Legendary Travels as my final fan game however,
so you can follow its own site if you have any interest in that project.

There's also a chance my YouTube channel could see more content someday.
No definitive plans at present, but you can subscribe there if you'd like.

Last but not least, I'm returning to original/commercial game development.
Check out Dahku to see where that goes.

As always, my heartfelt thanks to all who have played and enjoyed my games and content over the past 11 years.
See you around!


2017.02.01 - Mega Man Endless v2.0!
If you were around the Mega Man community when Endless was released you may recall the heated criticism the game got for its perceived difficulty. v2.0 aims to rectify that by changing a very simple rule:

Spikes, Holes and Lasers no longer cause instant death.
They now deplete 7 HP and, if you've any energy remaining, restart the current level.

This may sound a drastic, challenge-crippling update, so I want to emphasize that the actual difficulty of Endless remains unchanged. By restarting the current level as usual when falling victim to death hazards, you don't get an easier ride past anything. The game and its challenges are exactly as they were in v1.2.
And in fact, this doesn't even affect Boss Mode or Perfect Mode.

What this should do is help make Endless the more accessible and enjoyable game players were hoping for--and without harming the existing experience. When boiling down complaints we generally arrive at "too much instant death", "too frustrating" and "need a way to practice the level that killed me".
This addresses all of these issues to some degree: instant death is abolished, the mounting tension and severe frustration over accidental deaths is drastically reduced, and the stage that ended you with spikes can be immediately practiced if you still have energy.

For those curious as to why I'm making this change after so long: Endless was an eagerly anticipated project among the community, and I poured countless stressful hours into making it the best experience I possibly could so that it wouldn't disappoint. Needless to say, I've never felt good about how things turned out. While even now the downloads, score submissions and positive comments continue, there's a lingering air of disappointment accompanying the total obscurity in which Endless sits. And I think a title as fun, polished and fan-driven as Endless deserves better--as does the community that helped fuel the project.

Over the past few months I've given thorough consideration to every viable remedy. My choice may not satisfy the issues players took with the game, or it may be too late for anyone to care. But given the nature of Endless and its levels I feel this best maintains and in fact strengthens the game's core design, making for a more enjoyable gaming experience to players of all skill levels, and I'm confident that it's a solid update regardless.

As always, full release notes and the download are on the game's page.
Along with a newly added Boss Damage Chart. Enjoy!

- Online leaderboards will remain unaffected, but there's a disclaimer on the Classic and Time boards that any score submitted prior to this date was done so from v1.

- Local records can be transferred to the new version, with Spike, Hole and Laser death records automatically applied to new v2 hazard records to match. Starting fresh may be worth considering given the nature of this change, however.

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