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News Archives - 2008
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2008.11.17 - Much Labor, Fruits Later
Thankfully the extreme lack of updates this year is NOT due to inactivity; I have in fact been working hard on SuperDanny 2 most of the year, and another game simultaneously with it since October. Just recently I've also began work on Blyka's Door V2, which will give the entire site a much needed revamp.

Last anyone heard I planned on releasing SuperDanny 2 early this year (haha), but it has of course gone through a number of delays and the new release is set for 2009 (I won't say when exactly I'm aiming for just so you can't laugh if I don't make it ;p). I do still intend to reveal some facts about the game, hopefully before 2009.

I also announced some other upcoming games back in 2007, which remain the same other than Nazo Nazo. I decided to scratch the original concept and use its engine for a base in a new fan game, and I am extremely pleased with the results so far. More info later.

And finally, I conclude this update with a new item for the resources: a Super Mario Bros. 3 NES sound pack. Enjoy.

2008.04.12 - NEW GAME!
It's been a long time! Thankfully I have a good solid update for everyone.

NEW GAME: Launch the Drache! V2
It's another unexpected game! About a week ago I decided to recreate Launch the Drache, using my three years of experience since the original to give it a major makeover. While it is technically the same game, it has many, MANY improvements and new features over the original. Check it out on the games page by all means!

No other news to report at this time. While there's tons of work being done on SuperDanny 2, I'm still not ready to reveal anything yet. Later for that.

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