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News Archives - 2007
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2007.10.30 - New Example
Well, as life would have it this update took a lot longer than anticipated. As always there's lots of game progress being done though, but I don't have any previews ready at the moment. So what is new with this update...

Site related news is I canned the "Misc" button and replaced it with a "Home" button. Not only am I still lacking ideas of what could go in the Misc section, I get the feeling that some people miss that you can click the banner to return to the homepage... but that in itself isn't very exciting.

Now for the purpose of this update: the example I mentioned last update is now finished and added to the examples section. If you're struggling to figure out how gamepad support in Game Maker works, take a look by all means!

2007.08.31 - NEW GAME!
Over a year since the door opened and about seven months since an update, I think it's about time for another update. And not just any update, a BIG update. And it just so happens that a BIG update is just what I have!

NEW GAME: Star Man
Yes, a new game out of nowhere! A little over a month ago I discovered that Strider of Fangamez.net was holding a game creation contest, so I created Star Man in order to enter. Head over to the games section and take a look!

New Resources: In graphics we have three new Icon packs, which contain Robot Master mugshots from Mega Man 2, 3 and 4. In audio I've zipped together the collection of Mega Man V sounds that I ripped for use in Star Man. Enjoy!

And that's not all. Due to the lack of updates, I've decided to announce all my upcoming games! This way, if there isn't an update for the next seven months, you at least know what I'm working on.

SuperDanny 2: The big project I've been working on since late December. It is in fact so big that I predict a release date probably somewhere in early 2008. Yes, that's a very long time to wait, but I think the finished product will be well worth it. I'll release more information and screen shots later, but for now I'll just say that I'm cutting no corners from making this as perfect of a Mega Man fan game as I possibly can. Look forward to it!

Nazo Nazo: The only game to survive from the ancient screenshot. It's a puzzle, Sokoban style game, which will be the first original release for Blyka's Door. It will also include a fully functional level editor.

????: I won't say what the title for this game is yet, as it's currently in the planning stage and behind SuperDanny 2 and Nazo Nazo in priority. However, I think my goal for it is a realistic one and I'm very excited about it's possibilities, so I don't think I'll have to cancel it. For now I'll just say it's another Mega Man game.

2007.01.30 - Slow New Year
No new solid content for the first update of the new year, but I did go through the site and change some things for the better. As for project status, the games from the blurry screenshot haven't had any work except the one in the bottom right has made much progress. I've halted work on that for awhile though to work on a much bigger project, in which I've been very busy with since late December 2006. Also, I re-uploaded SuperDanny with some corrected bugs and fixed up graphics, and the Skull Man Example with some clearer explanations and fixed bugs.

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