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2016.07.07 - v1.2 Arrives for MegaMan Endless
While v1.1 was just a minimal update to fix a couple of bad issues before the game took off, v1.2 is more substantial with a number of important bug fixes as well as some game improvements based on player feedback. Definitely worth the upgrade!

Again, full release notes and the download are on the game's page.

2016.07.02 - Mega Man Endless v1.1
Just mentioning that some bugs were spotted by the folks at Sprites INC and have been dealt with in a new update, so if you've already downloaded the game you might want to do so again.
Check out the release notes and download it from the game's page.

2016.07.01 - Mega Man Endless Releases!
As is usually the way I work, what began as a small idea grew into something epic. And it just kept growing. This game is over a month late, and I've poured far more time and work (and stress) into it than I ever imagined I would.

But I'm very pleased with the end result. For all the time and energy this project has drained, it's been fun diving into my old roots again. It's been fun making a game actually starring Mega Man, the icon to whom all the games of Blyka's Door are attributed. It's been fun working in 16-bit instead of 8-bit and applying what I've learned of game design over the past five years to a new level of polish. It's been fun perfecting my engine's accuracy levels beyond even the SuperDanny titles.

And finally, it's been fun developing a Classic series game with community participation and interest. My sincere thanks to all who took part in the Level Design Contest and everyone who has since shown their support and enthusiasm for this project.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy Mega Man Endless!

2016.05.27 - Blyka's Door Turns 10
While I officially began developing and releasing my earliest fangames in 2004-2005, it wasn't until 2006 that I decided I wanted my own website to start sharing all of them beyond friends and family. Blyka's Door then opened on May 27th that year, making today its 10 year anniversary! To think my humble little website of strange (and once embarrassingly bad) Mega Man fangames has reached the double digits... Makes me feel old.

I wanted to celebrate the occasion with the release of Mega Man Endless, but sadly it fell behind schedule and I had no choice but to delay it--hopefully for a June release. I've been hard at work all this month though and it's coming along nicely. I feel like it's turning out even better than I first envisioned, so I hope it will be worth the wait!

With no game to release as intended I had some other ideas on what to do for the occasion, but typically there wasn't even time to see them through. So... there's nothing really new to update with other than to say future content is in progress. And I did tweak and tighten some text around the site, update the banner to include Mega Man, and add a very temporary placeholder game page for Mega Man Endless.

Anyway, 10 years ago this site consisted only of a very piddly bit of resources, one example, and five games--all but one of which now make up the "Old and Terrible" category of my games page.
Needless to say, Blyka's Door has come a very long way since then.

At present none of my games have ever acheived widespread recognition or popularity, but that isn't what this is about. For me, the most important thing about any game development is making other people happy. There's nothing more rewarding than someone getting enjoyment out of something I made, so if you've enjoyed anything I've offered over the past 10 years then you've helped fulfill this site's purpose. Thanks for playing!

2016.05.05 - Tuttle's Legendary Travels Demo v0.2
While I don't generally post about TLT on Blyka's Door since it has its own subsite, I thought this news worth a mention here as well seeing as there hasn't been a demo since late 2012.
For the release notes, download and so on check out the TLT site!
Also, a quick word about Mega Man Endless that I meant to post sooner but never got around to.
The level design contest had a most successful turnout with around 70 entries, and since its closure I've been posting occasional status updates at the Sprites INC forum topic as I judge and implement winning levels.

Most importantly, my intended release date for the game was May 27th, though I'm growing more skeptical of making that with each passing day so June may be a more realistic target. We'll see how it goes though, and I'll be posting any further status updates at Sprites INC until the game is released so keep an eye out there if you're interested!

2016.03.01 - MegaMan Level Design Contest!
It's been almost a year to the day since my last update here, and it may come as no surprise that the little project I mentioned before hasn't gone anywhere. Well, time to change that!

[Mega Man Endless Level Design Contest]

Introducing my upcoming fangame, Mega Man Endless. A large scale Endless Attack mode as found in Mega Man 9/10 and various rom hacks, it follows the standard formula with 5 micro level segments before a boss, and will feature 12 bosses and 60 levels. One lap is practically a full-length Mega Man game, and with multiple game modes and online leaderboards it's quite the endless experience!

As indicated last year this game is essentially complete except for levels, and I want your help in finishing it!
You see, my level inspiration has dried up over the years from prior fangames--not to mention they weren't always well-received to begin with. So for a game like Endless that relies entirely on solid level design, I'd love for its levels to be a fanbase effort--your chance to put forth and play what you think a Mega Man level should be like!

This contest ends on 03/31, so head over to one of the following forums to see the full contest details and join in!
Tell your friends and their friends too!

Sprites INC
Rockman PM
raocow's talkhaus
You can also sign up at YouTube (read the description).
If you're a long-time visitor of this site you may be scratching your head as to what this is, what with my retirement and all. It's more or less an accidental byproduct of when I made SD Powered Up v2.0, where I wanted to add an Endless Mode with online leaderboards before deciding the effort would be wasted in a game that, well, gets far less attention than it deserves. So I chose to make the Endless Mode its own game, while simultaneously scratching the old itch to do 16bit and finally have a "standard" Mega Man title here at Blyka's Door. I quite enjoy the Endless concept and think this could be really fun, so I hope you'll help me see it through!

And a word to the TLT fans out there: this is a pretty lightweight project that hasn't been detracting much from Tuttle's Legendary Travels. I've been making a stronger effort on that this year too, so maybe we'll finally see something happen there in the next few months.

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