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  • Game can't save / Gamepad freezes the game on title screen until unplugged.
    Happens when antivirus software doesn't allow the game permission to create save files. Make sure the game has full permissions and isn't sandboxed or anything.

  • The game starts but doesn't play any/some music or sounds--may eventually crash.
    Only seen this on Windows 8.1 for certain, and it seems to be a case of PC derp; a computer restart should fix it.

  • Music disappears from all or certain stages while playing, but the game runs fine otherwise.
    Closing and opening the game should fix it. Usually means the music DLLs crashed, which shouldn't typically happen. Might be more likely when audio sources change, e.g. connecting or disconnecting a laptop with a TV or some such while the game is running.

  • "Failed to load game data. File seems corrupted." or "Error: Cannot read the game file."
    Haven't seen the first message myself, but success has been reported by way of this topic. It seems Game Maker games have trouble with certain printer drivers (?!) and disabling said drivers might fix the issue.
    As for "Error: Cannot read the game file," I've also solved that on Windows 11 with right click and "Run as administrator."

  • Game crashes almost immediately with audio trouble on Windows 8 or later.
    This happened to me with some of my older games, and I found a solution by way of this topic.

  • Something not covered here.
    -Make sure none of the game's external files have been moved or anything.
    -Try a fresh unzipping of the game.
    -Computer restart can work wonders.
    -Googling "game maker [issue]" often turns up great results.

    If none of the above solve your problem, feel free to get in touch with me here and I'll see if I have an answer for you. No promises though!

Disclaimer: Advice on this page comes from personal experience and I cannot guarentee success in your case, nor can I be held responsible for any harm that comes to you or your computer in trying to run my games. :)

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