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If you have a question for me, please skim the below questions to be sure it hasn't already been answered.
If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email or drop me a line at YouTube.

  • I'm having trouble running one of your games. Can you help?
    I can try, though you might find a ready solution on this page first.

  • Can I have the source code (gmk) or assets from one of your games?
    Any codes or assets I'm willing to give away can be found through this page.

  • How can I do such-and-such in Game Maker?
    I retired from GM in 2011, so your question would certainly be answered much better elsewhere.

  • Wanna collaborate on a fangame?
    No, thanks. My fangame plate is already quite full.

  • Will you make another SuperDanny / Star Man / 8-bit MegaMan game someday?
    I'm not planning to.

  • Who's this "fAB" guy mentioned around the site?
    The webmaster of Legends Station and Sky Pirate Arcade. Also my bro, web host and an important staffer in many of my games. His primary contributions were in doing custom sprites that were beyond my limited skills in that field, as well as other graphic work such as box art for several games. He also provided a lot of invaluable feedback and ideas as games developed.

The following are general questions and answers concerning the various oddities of my SuperDanny games.
Q&A's preceded by a game name may contain SPOILERS for said game, so read at your own risk.

  • Who is SuperDanny?
    SuperDanny is the real-life webmaster of the old MegaMan Legends Universe site, who created the SuperDanny character you see in my games. Once an awesome friend and fan of my works, he gave a lot of support, enthusiasm and feedback for many of my games back in the day, though sadly I've long since lost touch with him as he vanished from the Web.

  • Why did you make "SuperDanny" games instead of "Mega Man" games?
    It started with the second game I made, SuperDanny's Adventure, which was whipped up in a matter of days as a Christmas present for SuperDanny. Some months later I thought of following that up with an equally small game, but instead I decided to finally try my hand at a proper Mega Man game and created the first SuperDanny game. Naturally the real SuperDanny got quite a kick out of it, and it really worked out well with my desire to recycle old Robot Masters but with a lot of fun twists like Cross Fusions, so the series ended up being my primary focus for most of my Game Maker years.

  • Why are Battle Network series elements in Classic series games?
    The real SuperDanny was a fan of all Mega Man series (excluding Star Force), and at the time of SuperDanny's Adventure he was particularly into the Rockman EXE Axess Anime. The Synchro Chip/Cross Fusion idea was thrown in from that, allowing him to Cross Fuse with Elec Man (his favorite RM), and it ended up setting the standard for future games.

  • What's the significance of the voice clips?
    The "Awesome" and "PWNED" clips heard in the SuperDanny games are the voice of the real SuperDanny himself. The "Awesome" quote is essentially SuperDanny's trademark line (or "Freakin' Awesome") and goes with the idea that the actual SuperDanny is playing through these games and considers everything he sees "Awesome". The powerful "PWNED" quote came from his commentary on one of his favorite fictional characters, and has been used in various things ever since.

  • SD Powered Up: What's up with the weird Challenge names?
    Not all but most Challenge names come from Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon quotes or other inside jokes/quotes.

  • SD Powered Up: What's up with... all of the first Wily Castle bosses?
    The entire first Wily Castle's set of bosses are all inside-jokes of villains from SuperDanny's past, all but one of which made an appearance in SuperDanny's Adventure. More details over the next four answers.

  • SD Powered Up: Boba Fett?!
    The Boba Fett head represents a guy who went by the name of Damage128 on SuperDanny's forums back in 2004 or so. Damage was incredibly stupid, and his general behavior, misspellings, 50+ accounts created in an attempt to avoid or get revenge for his ban and various other factors make him the most notable and hilarious of SuperDanny's enemies. The Boba Fett and Darth Maul heads come from the avatars Damage used while he was an active member.

  • SD Powered Up: A... Clown head?
    The clown is known as ZE CLOWN OF DOOM, which is a joke-villain SuperDanny created while experimenting with Game Maker. He dwells in another dimension that made use of the generic Game Maker graphics, which is why he is accessed by a teleporter and his stage tiles look Mario-esque.

  • SD Powered Up: Elpizo in a Classic game?
    SuperDanny strongly feels that Elpizo is the worst character to ever hit any Mega Man series for a number of reasons, and since I can't stand him either we had a lot of fun frying him in the old days.

  • SD Powered Up: Clones as the first Wily Castle final?
    The Clones represent Danny Daines. Long inside-joke story, so let's just say that Daines is SuperDanny's evil doppelganger and thus he took his place at the head of SuperDanny's other foes.

  • SD Powered Up: Book of Quotes?
    All Robot Master quotes are taken from the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons except for Fire (who was silent in the cartoons) and Bubble (who never appeared), so theirs were taken from the MM&B CD Data.

  • SD Powered Up: A fish boss?!
    The fish and his level are from the Puyo Puyo series, which is SuperDanny's second favorite game series after Mega Man. In its earliest stages, Powered Up was code named "Fish Man" after a staffer in Mega Man 2, so I wanted to put an actual "Fish Man" of sorts into the game for laughs.

  • SuperDanny 2: Who's the fat guy?
    Presumably referring to the fat gent in a brown suit who appears in the opening and ending, it's Mitchell Deacon, from the "Bro Bots" episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons. My bro and I have been laughing at him for various reasons since the show aired, so it was funny to give him a small cameo.

  • SuperDanny 2: Gemini Man and Spark Man are doing... what?
    They're dressed up as the band from the "Cold Steel" episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons. What I consider to be one of the worst (aka most hilarious) episodes of the cartoons, they fit well as the first boss of the Wily Castle. Gyro Fusion defeats them because Gyro Man was originally the third band member.

  • SuperDanny 2: Who's the guy in the flying sled?
    Uncle Jet, from the "Future Shock" episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons. Yes, he was a good guy. Yes, it's a long story. Let's just say he'll do anything for his sugar, so he became the second boss of the Wily Castle. And it's actually a flying car.

  • SuperDanny 2: Lion people?!
    These are the Lion Men from the "Curse of the Lion Men" episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons. Even those who haven't seen the cartoons may be familiar with them as they appeared in the unquestionably worst episode, and as such they fit perfectly as the final cartoon boss of Wily's Castle.

  • SuperDanny 2: A hot dog stand?!
    Everyone should take time to laugh at the "Electric Nightmare" episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoons, in which at one part Mega Man and company run in terror from the Hot Dog Stand until it crashes. So it seemed most appropriate to make it an invincible boss that can only be beaten by letting it crash into the wall. Its level is also based on the cartoons, with various references to that same episode as well as "Brain Bot" and "The Day the Moon Fell".
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