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SD Powered Up - Game Tips

Below are a few general tips about things in SD Powered Up that you may not have noticed while playing.
A sort of "Did you know?" page.

  • Hold down 'Awesome' as you enter any of the Robot Master stages for alternate music.
    You can also hold it for 1 second on the new game mode select to make the alternate music the default.
  • With each hit Elec Fusion loses 1 additional energy.
  • With each hit Quick Fusion loses 2 additional energy. Be careful!
  • Hold down while shooting with Crash Fusion to fire at a downward angle.
  • Ice Fusion falls slower than other Fusions, and slides a hair faster than average.
  • Ice Fusion's weapon can pierce shielded enemies.
  • While all costumes are identical in their abilities, the Proto Costume shoots lower. This can be a help or a hindrance depending on the enemy or circumstances.
  • If beating the game with the Completionist requirements met, you can hold down 'Awesome' as you enter the credits to view the normal, non-Completionist credits instead.
  • Hold up while firing with *** Fusion to imitate Mega Man's variation of the weapon.
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