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SuperDanny 2 - Secret Passwords

The following are secret passwords that can be typed in during the "Blyka's Door Presents" screen before the opening to produce various effects. If entered correctly a sound will play. They can't be found in-game.
  • Proto Man Costume
    Enter the password 'bruce' to exchange the Mega Man costume for a Proto Man costume.

  • Default to Costume
    Enter the password 'desu' to begin each stage and new life wearing the costume.

  • WildBlue Mode
    Enter the password 'wildblue' to start each stage and new life with 1 energy on any game mode.

  • Damage Heads
    Enter the password 'outcast' to replace all of the "Brown" enemies from Mega Man 6 with "Damage128" enemies. This is just a graphic swap and doesn't affect the enemy itself.

  • Top Fusion
    Enter the password 'topfusion' to unlock Top Fusion, an unfinished beta weapon. It can be used by pressing the special weapon button while playing as SuperDanny.

  • Snake Seed
    Enter the password 'snakeseed' to use Snake Fusion's old special attack (from v1).
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