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Obsolete Game Maker Examples

Blyka's Mega Man Engine (GM 7.0) Released: 2011.12.25 Downloaded: 8943

The solid engine seen in my modern SuperDanny titles. The list of features is quite substantial, and it provides a good jump-start to making a quality Mega Man game. Though for as solidly as it plays, working with the engine itself can be a hassle as I was still very inexperienced at the time. Only released by very popular demand, in fact, and wasn't built with public use in mind.

High level GM experience, GM Pro and perseverance are required. Download comes with a playable demo, and you can see it in action here.

** I've never used it myself, but I recommend checking out the Mega Engine for a more modern, fully-featured and user-friendly alternative to this engine. **
Custom Controls Example (GM 7.0) Released: 2009.12.17 Downloaded: 3011

Customizable controls add a great deal of polish to any game, and this example demonstrates how to implement them for both the gamepad and keyboard using an efficient method. It also shows you how to save the controls in an INI file and provides other useful functions.
NSF in Game Maker Example Released: 2011.10.20 Downloaded: 2081

Not an actual Game Maker file example per se, but a PDF document containing advanced notes on how to better use NSF files in Game Maker via Shaltif's S-Winamp extension. Includes a working NSF DLL and how to use it, how to play the desired track of an NSF file and more.
Skull Man Example (GM 7.0) Released: 2006.05.27 Downloaded: 6775

A very basic and inaccurate Mega Man example with a simple movement engine, enemies, energy bar, etc. It's 99% coded in GM's drag-&-drop actions with tons of explanations for even the most basic functions, so it's better for basic learning than serious use.
Lantern Example (GM 7.0) Released: 2009.08.08 Downloaded: 2591

A simple method for achieving the effect where you can only see right around the character, with the rest of the room in varying levels of darkness.
Gamepad Example (GM 7.0) Released: 2007.10.30 Downloaded: 2748

A quick and dirty method for adding gamepad support to an already keyboard-controlled game.
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